Sunday, November 9, 2008

Craft Fair Review

Our 2nd craft fair this year wasnt too terribly bad. Seems like sales are down for the fairs, but atleast we didnt go into the hole this year like we did last year. Although, if you count the $ that was put into the things that I made, we might have! But, it doesnt matter that I didnt sell alot of stuff because I can use it myself, as well as some of my family, or I can give it as gifts. I sold my Happy Holidays sign, and 2 more Christmas ones that I didnt get pix of =( I sold some cards, got a bow holder order and a tutu order. One lady *might* want me to make up about 20 cards that will be birth announcements for her grandbaby, she's going to get back with me when they find out the sex of the baby.

My grandma sold 3 pecan pies the first day, along with alot of candy. The 2nd day she made 2 more pies and sold them by the piece and she sold quite a bit of them. She makes AWESOME pies! We all think that she should start offering to do pie baking around Thanksgiving/Christmas/Easter time, but she's not sure yet.

We met alot of interesting people during the last couple days. So far, this craft fair had the friendliest people of the 3 we've done. Its always nice to be able to talk with the folks you are sitting by, and other people as well.

I feel as though im near finding out exactly what im suppose to do in life. I would have thought that by 28, I would know, but I dont. I feel as though my talents were God-given, but im still searching for His purpose. Hopefully something will come about before long that confirm that im on the right path.

Im highly interested in consigning with local boutiques, but ive been reading that alot of times their commission is near 40%! That wouldnt give me much profit at all with the prices i have on things now, so i'd have to raise prices (which Ive been encouraged to do so anyway). That might not even be something that I'd ever do, but its a thought....

Ill be posting pictures of card designs and such later this evening for those people at the craft fair that asked to see some of my things.

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